Make A Booking

Before booking an Inventory Report you will need to ensure that the property will be completely ready with all cleaning, decorating and other work planned completed before the Inventory is compiled.

All furniture and any other items to be included in the Tenancy need to be present and, by Law, must meet the current applicable Fire Safety Regulations. Put simply, the property and any other items you are including need to be in the condition that the Tenant will receive them in. If this is done you will benefit from a detailed and accurate Inventory Report.

When booking a Check-Out Report, you must:

  • ensure that the Tenant will have moved out of the property together with all of their belongings
  • in addition, all cleaning required under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement must have been completed prior to the time we are due to visit the property
  • only the inventory clerk and those named on the tenancy agreement can be present at the check out

In order to compile a Check-Out Report we will need an original copy of a professionally produced Inventory Report at the time of making the booking, which was signed by the Tenant at the start of their Tenancy.


If you would like to make a booking please contact us

M: 07507 201291